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Free Code Scan For Check Engine Light *

Is the “Check Engine”, Check Engine icon or “Malfunction Indicator Light” (MIL) illuminated and staying on in your vehicle? At K.O. we offer a free code read and data scan on vehicles 1996 and newer. All you have to do is call and schedule an appointment. When you arrive for your scheduled appointment we will perform the free code read and data scan.

Whenever the MIL is illuminated it is an indication that the computerized engine control system in your vehicle has detected a malfunction which could drastically affect your fuel mileage, engine performance and/or emission control systems. When a malfunction occurs, the engine computer stores a code which tells the technician which circuit or component of the control system is malfunctioning. The engine computer also stores the data readings that were present when the malfunction occurred. By reading this code and data we are able to determine what action(s) will need to be taken in order to correct the malfunction.

Call and schedule your appointment. You could be wasting gas or causing serious damage to your vehicle if you drive it with the MIL illuminated.


*1996 and newer vehicles only.

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