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Auto Repair

As your vehicle ages some components wear out, get old, and need to be replaced. This includes such items as the shocks begin to leak,  the radiator stops working, or the transmission begins to slip. However, some of these costly repairs can be prolonged or avoided completely with simple preventative maintenance such as oil changes, changing hoses and fluids, and scheduling regular tune-ups.

Simply getting a quality oil change at the recommended time could greatly extend the life of your vehicle's engine. Over time the oil that is lubricating your engine begins to get thick from particles accumulated from your engine. When this happens the oil loses its ability  to properly lubricate and creates issues in your engine. Not replacing the oil for long enough can turn that low cost oil change into a costly engine rebuild.

Making sure that your hoses are checked regularly for cracks,wear and tear, proper connections will help insure they are in good working condition. Something as simple as fixing a hose before it breaks will assist you in avoiding costly overheating issues in the future. A hot engine is an unhappy engine and if left untreated you could blow a head gasket or even worse crack the block.  We can help with those, too.

While getting regular tune-up may seem unneeded they are really important in avoiding costly auto repairs. Replacing deteriorating parts such as spark plugs, wires,  and air filters with help your engine to run similar to how it always has, and the closer you keep the engine clean and running the same the longer it will last.

You also may have mechanical parts that need repair or replacement, and we’d be happy to help you with doors, windows, locks, seats, seatbelts, and other repairs.

Call our shop for quality service to get you driving again and keep your family and other passengers safe!

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